Benefits of a Fronius Primo Solar Inverter

fronius primo solar inverter benefits

Solar power inverters are one of the most critical parts of a solar unit. These inverters convert the direct current from solar panels into the alternating current as consumable electricity. As such, they are extremely complex and need the most advanced technologies for them to work efficiently. Without them, the entire solar system unit may lead to a complete shutdown.

Benefits of a Fronius Primo Solar Inverter - Fronius Primo Solar Inverter

The History of Fronius Primo Solar Inverter

As a pioneer in harnessing renewable energy, Fronius is renowned as a leading manufacturer in solar systems since 1992. Since then, they have been expanding their technological advances towards greener technologies.

A compelling breakthrough was Fronius’s very first solar inverter, the Sunrise, developed in 1995. Over the years, more innovations come in, such as Fronius Energycell, which meant to store solar energy for later use. However, no innovation can surpass Fronius’s latest accomplishment: the Fronius SnapINverter.

The Fronius SnapINverter boasts of an intelligent design, maximum flexibility, and amazing functions. This generation of inverters has notably changed the industry of solar systems into Fronius over its competitors. They are easier and safer to install and mount and do not involve complicated instructions.

Likewise, they can suit all solar system sizes from 1.5 kW to 27.0 kW. There are multiple generations including GALVO (1.5-3.1) PRIMO (3.0-8.2), SYMO (3-8.2), SYMO HYBRID (3-5.0), SYMO (10-20) and ECO (25.0/27.0). The Fronius Primo Solar Inverter is among the newest in the SnapINverter generation.

Benefits of a Fronius Primo Solar Inverter - Fronius Primo Solar Inverter

Advantages of Fronius Primo Solar Inverter

There may be different brands of solar inverters in the market. As mentioned above, even Fronius has a wide range of products to choose from, especially from the SnapINverter generation. The benefits of using a Primo Solar Inverter include several advantages compared to other similar products. Here are good reasons to buy this solar inverter from Fronius:

·         Easy and convenient installation

One of the primary concerns when putting up a solar inverter is the ease and convenience of installation. It is especially true if you are a do-it-yourself kind of homeowner or not electrical savvy. It is quite easy because all its connections are in one mounting bracket. This bracket is lightweight and made of anodised aluminium.

The inverter itself is also lightweight and compact. It has all the power electronics and can simply swivel into position from the bracket. It is safe to install in all walls and even in pillars. You can quickly install the inverter using standard tools at home. One can do this in six easy steps:

  1. Initially fit and attach the mounting bracket.
  2. Install the connections/ cabling, all integrated into the mounting bracket.
  3. Place the strain-relief device.
  4. Place/ attach and swing in the body of the inverter to the mounting bracket. Then, fix into position using two pieces of screws.
  5. Attach the data communication cover.
  6. Rotate the DC disconnector.

·         Flexible design and maximum function

Fronius inverters have a wide range of products for different functions. The Fronius Primo Solar Inverter is ideal for Australian homes from small scale to large scale because it has a capacity of 3 kW to 8.2 kW. It can be used for all types of homes that usually fall into this range.

·         Quality and function

The evolution of Fronius inverters and SnapINverter technology is made with quality service in mind. This includes ease of usage with maximum function and benefits. The Fronius Primo Solar Inverter has guaranteed quality with the following features:

  1. The data communication interface is easily accessible. Thus, it is easy to receive updates from the external components using a USB flash drive.
  2. There can be updates even while the inverter is running, and no installation is necessary. The operation will not be interrupted even when receiving updates.
  3. Remote updates are conveniently available online from the Fronius website.
  4. Because of easy installation, the PC board is also easily accessible with just a swing.
  5. In instances when additional support is needed, Fronius Service Partners are available throughout the country. They are guaranteed to resolve issues within the first service contact. Fronius is known to be a dependable brand providing quality service with minimal expenditure of time and costs.
  6. Replacing the entire unit is fast and convenient because you can easily unmount from the bracket.

·         Simple interface for easy monitoring

With Fronius Primo, operating your own solar inverter is easy even if it is your first time doing so. It has a built-in WLAN or web server and Datalogger as its own communication package. You can conveniently track and control the output of your photovoltaic system through the online portal in the Fronius website for free, with the ability to monitor your system anytime from anywhere, using your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and home computer. With this transparency, you can make the most out of your solar energy. The body of the inverter itself is easily accessible with a simple interface.

·         Uniform and standard design

If you are using other models from the Fronius range, switching to a Fronius Primo is a breeze because their design is standard and similar. It is quite time-efficient because there is no need to go through another round of training course for installation and use.

·         Modern and future-proof

Although the Fronius Primo Solar Inverter is among the latest in the SnapINverter generation, time will pass, and newer models will emerge. Expect your solar inverter to last for years, and even with updates in technology, the Fronius Primo is adaptable to change.

Extra slots and open interface are also available for future developments. Additional functions and upgrades may easily be installed in the coming years so your inverter will not be outdated. It is open to third-party systems such as newer energy management functions, dynamic feed-in control, and more.

Benefits of a Fronius Primo Solar Inverter - Fronius Primo Solar Inverter

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