Benefits of the Fronius Energy Package

Benefits of the Fronius Energy Package

The world’s population is growing day by day, and so are its energy needs. An over-reliance on fossil fuels has created concerns for many, especially as scientists have linked climate change to carbon emissions from human industrial development. As of right now, solar energy makes up 1% of the entire energy production in the U.S. country. Though small, solar energy is among the most viable sources of electricity that can be can harnessed if technological improvements in solar energy production and storage happen. 

Right now, the main hindrance for many people to make the solar energy shift is the high upfront cost and the limited nature of solar energy gathering. A storm, long nights during winter seasons, and clouds can drastically reduce the energy production of solar panels. It is for this reason that companies such as Fronius have spearheaded the improvement of both energy storage systems and solar generation units to provide the 24-hour sun program, an alternative energy solution for fossil fuels.

A Brief History of Fronius

Günter Fronius is an inventor from Pettenbach, Austria, whose goal was to develop a means of charging batteries that are efficient and cost-effective. In pursuing this, he designed numerous charging systems and batteries. He was the first to build a charger using 50 Hz technology, and his eponymous business soared from there. Fronius slowly expanded its market through years of innovation and technological advancement and is now a multi-national. Fronius is a company focused on the ‘future field’ of providing viable sources of renewable energy for people to use. The program Fronius is developing is the ‘24-hours of sun’, which is a system that increases the efficiency and practicality of solar panels.

Benefits of the Fronius Energy Package - Fronius Energy Package

The Fronius Energy Package

The Fronius Energy Package is marketed as your storage solution for 24-hours of sun. It’s an energy production and storage system that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of solar energy. The main drawback of solar energy is that it is easily affected by weather and a household needs a considerable amount of storage and can be costly to install. However, despite these pitfalls, Fronius, through its leadership in developing batteries and energy storage devices, developed an energy package that can solve this issue for consumers. 

The Fronius energy package aims to meet three fundamental goals in using renewable energy:

1.      Efficiency

The solar energy system must be efficient at all times. It means that even in inclement weather, and at any time of the day, the power-generating efficiency does not diminish. It maintains high-performance at all times.

2.      Flexible

The system must be flexible and adaptable to many situations. The system’s components must also be easily replaceable without hassle. Additionally, the energy produced can be converted into whatever is needed by the consumer.

3.      Revolutionary

The system must be user-friendly first to be revolutionary. Through effortless access and operation, the Fronius package aims to become the go-to product for people seeking to start on green energy. 

The Fronius energy package has three main components:

1. Fronius Symo-Hybrid inverter

2. Fronius Smart meter

3. Fronius Solar Battery

Fronius Symo-Hybrid

This is the heart of the Fronius energy package. It’s a three-phase inverter that allows surplus energy generated by solar panels to be stored efficiently in solar batteries for later use. The inverter also supports both AC and DC coupling, which makes it easy to integrate into existing solar panels. The purpose of this component is to ensure maximum consumption of energy harnessed from solar panels and ensure maximum independence from power grids. With this set-up installed, a homeowner is guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of solar power, especially during power outages. It also has a web-based interface, where you can access a visual command centre for the Fronius energy package. 

General Data for Symo hybrid 3.0-3-s, Symo hybrid 4.0-3-s, Symo hybrid 5.0-3-s

Dimensions (height x width x depth): 645 x 431 x 204 mm

Weight: 19.9 kg

Degree of protection: IP 65

Protection class: 1

Overvoltage category (DC / AC) 1): 2 / 3

Inverter design: Transformerless

Cooling: Regulated air cooling

Installation: Indoor and outdoor installation

Ambient temperature range: -25 – +60°C

Permitted humidity: 0 – 100 %

Max. Altitude: 2,000 m (unrestricted voltage range)

DC PV connection technology: 2x DC+ and 2x DC- screw terminals 2.5 – 16 mm²

DC battery connection technology: 1x DC+ and 1x DC- screw terminals 2.5 – 16 mm²

AC connection technology: 5-pin AC screw terminals 2.5 – 16 mm²

Emergency power function: Yes

Certificates and compliance with standards VDE AR N 4105, ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8001-4-712, DIN V VDE 0126-1-1


Fronius Smart Meter

This smart meter helps consumers to accurately monitor the energy output and consumption of the solar energy system. It provides a visual representation of the household’s load curve alongside the household’s energy needs. This device is also accessible through the web via its ethernet/LAN connection. 

Fronius Solar Battery Storage

Fronius prides itself on developing high-performing energy-storing devices and charges. The Fronius solar battery storage uses high-performance lithium iron phosphate technology to provide optimal energy storage. It provides a long battery life coupled with fast charging properties and a clean discharge of energy when used. The Fronius website lists all of the types of batteries available and how much is their storage capacity and output.

Benefits of the Fronius Energy Package - Fronius Energy Package

Benefits of the Fronius energy package

Solar power is a source of energy that is free and readily available. If we could harness all of the light that reaches Earth in one day, it would be enough to power all of the countries in the world for a whole year. Though solar technology is not at that level, the potential of having free energy for all is a definite possibility. The Fronius energy package helps consumers get the most out of their solar panels in terms of energy production and consumption. The efficient components, namely the three-phase inverter and the lithium iron phosphate battery, are vital for utilising the best of solar energy.

The world is changing, and humanity is deep into industrialisation, whose downside is an excessive amount of pollution, especially carbon emissions. All of these contribute to the current climate change that is happening today. However, through the use of alternative energy such as solar power, no matter how slow the transition may be, it is still a step forward towards the end of fossil fuel use, and the start of renewable energy use in people’s daily lives. 


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