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Why Solar Power Products?


Reduce your energy bills by generating your own solar power with Aztech Solar.
We use only the highest quality solar power panels, inverters and batteries.

LG Chem High Voltage

LG Chem has recently released a high voltage (400V) battery: the RESU10H. Convenient, performing and safe, the RESU high voltage battery is compatible with the best inverter brands on the market.


Convenience: The RESU high voltage can be installed inside or outside, on a wall or on the ground. LG Chem has simplified the inverter connections to make the installation shorter and more affordable.

Performance: With continuous power, DC round-trip efficiency, and greater durability, the RESU high voltage is a high-end product.

Safety: RESU high voltage batteries possess the same safety-record technology as LG car batteries and all relevant international standard certifications.

Dimensions 744 x 907 x 206 mm
Capacity 6.3Ah
Total Energy 9.8kWh
Voltage Range 385-550v



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