6 Benefits of Using Solar Power for Your Office

6 Benefits of Using Solar Power for Your Office

Australia is the sunniest continent in the world, with more solar coverage than any other place on earth. So why not take advantage of Australian sunshine to generate free electricity?

No matter the season, Australia is always perfect for solar power generation. As a result, many businesses are now enjoying the many benefits of a solar-powered workplace.

Imagine if your office computers, servers, HVAC, and lights could all run on power created by the sun’s energy. Not only will you dramatically cut your overhead cost, but you’ll also reduce your business’s carbon footprint – which is vital with the ever-increasing strain we put on our electrical grids.

Over the past decade, more than 800,000 Australian buildings have switched to solar power to heat office spaces and their water supply. Here are six reasons why you should, too!

Slash Your Electricity Bill

For many businesses, electricity makes up one of the highest overhead costs. Your office needs electricity not just to power those lights but also the air conditioner, heater, coffeemaker, printer, and Wi-Fi routers.

Drawing power from the grid also means dealing with price fluctuations. When the price of electricity suddenly goes up, it messes up your cash flow.

However, with solar power, you are not subject to unstable market prices and inflation because your solar system is self-sufficient. You are also immune to seasonal power shortages. And although the upfront cost of installing a solar system may seem expensive, it is worth the savings in the long run.

Even if you’re running a small business, you could start enjoying the benefits of solar energy as the prices of solar panels have significantly dropped in the last five years.

Switching to solar power can help you immediately cut your power bills by around 70%, and that continues throughout the system’s lifespan.

Sustainability of Solar Energy

Sustainability of Solar Energy

Experts predict that fossil fuels will soon run out. Therefore, it would benefit future generations if we become less dependent on finite sources.

Power plants that run on coal or gas are now more regulated in an effort to reduce their harmful emissions. Unfortunately, this means higher overhead costs that will be passed on to the consumer.

Hydroelectricity is a popular option in areas with a suitable water supply but it has a limited capacity for supporting many power stations.

Nuclear plants are too volatile with accidents and waste disposal issues.

So where do we turn to?

The sun!

This untapped renewable power source is the future of power generation.

By switching to solar energy now, you are making a long-term investment that could determine the future of your bottom line.

Energy Independence

Generate your own electricity for free – that is the promise of solar energy.

Converting to solar power reduces your dependence on local utility companies. Moreover, it will take billions of years before the sun runs out, so it’s safe to say that you’ll have a reliable electric supply regardless of what happens to the grid.

Some regions in Australia are prone to blackouts, which could be terrible for businesses. If you’re in an industry where you cannot afford to get disconnected from the grid, then you need a reliable solar panel system.

Properly installed solar panels and battery systems are completely dependable. Because, unlike power generators, solar panels have no moving parts. What you have is a series of interconnected photovoltaic panels that convert the sun’s UV rays to live alternating current electricity. It’s the same current you get from your wall outlet, except you produce it yourself.

If your facility is operating 24/7, you have the option to purchase solar batteries so you can store excess solar power for use at night or during cloudy days.


After a professional installer sets up your solar panel system, there is very little maintenance required. Solar panels generate clean energy quietly for up to 25 years!

Return on Investment

Return on Investment

Because of their ability to generate cheap electricity, solar panels are now a highly sought-after feature in real estate. Therefore, if you have solar panels installed on your rental property, tenants are going to line up.

Solar panels can also potentially increase the resale value of properties – whether residential or commercial. This is because property investors are more willing to pay a premium for investments that have solar panels already delivering cost savings to tenants and occupants.

If you own your office building, installing solar panels can prove beneficial if you decide to sell the property later.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting sustainability in your business is a fantastic way to attract investors, customers, and top talent. People will want to work for you and buy from you if they know that you contribute to the fight against climate change.

Going green not only reduces your operating costs but is also considered to be a good marketing tool for your company’s CSR. In addition, maintaining an environment-friendly image is a boon for any business as it can generate a positive customer response.

Take advantage of the benefits of solar power for your business

Take advantage of the benefits of solar power for your business.

When you power your office with solar energy, you get to enjoy significant financial benefits. Despite the substantial upfront cost of designing and installing a complete PV system, you’ll be able to recoup your investment in just five years!

If your system can produce more electricity than you can consume, you could even sell the excess power back to the grid. Check your state laws if you are eligible for this program.

The savings you can get from your solar system will depend on the efficiency of your panels, the size of your setup, and the amount of sunshine you are getting where your property is located. Many factors could impact the efficiency of your solar system, including how much power your office consumes during business hours and if you have battery storage in place.

Before you install solar panels in your office building, be sure to check your local laws and relevant government programs. If you need help finding the right fit for your NSW office, contact the experts at Aztech Solar today on 02 4067 2634.


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