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Reduce Costs and Support Sustainability with Residential Solar.

Residential Solar Power

Design The System Yourself And Let Us Supply And Install.

What Are You Waiting for? Get Solar Power for Your Home and Save!

End-To-End Home Solar Solutions

Do you find yourself thinking about “getting solar panels for my house”, but have no idea where to start? At Aztech Solar, we work with you to design a personalised solar power system that suits your needs. If you’re looking for home energy saving solutions that are affordable, reliable and installed with industry-leading warranties, you’ve come to the right place. Aztech Solar is the trusted name in Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Central Coast areas. 

Solar energy is an affordable and sustainable option to power your home. There are many reasons why solar might be the best option for your family. Unlike other providers, we don’t want to push you to make a sale. We want to educate you on the benefits of solar power, and what solution will work best for you. Here’s what makes us different:

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Complete Residential and Commercial Solar Solutions

We guarantee a fully professional service for both our residential and commercial clients in Newcastle. Our house installation teams and level 2 electricians will ensure work is carried out with extreme care and to industry standard.

Cut Your Energy Bills

By generating your own power, the average Australian household can cut their annual electricity bill by an incredible 80%. With no upfront deposit and 0% interest, our systems will save you money from the moment they’re installed. You can even sell excess energy back to the energy grid and get a credit on your bill.

Manage Your Power Usage

Understand how and when your family is using power with a smart monitoring device. By realising your energy usage, you can work out how to manage it properly and reduce it. These smart monitoring devices let you measure your solar generation and export, analyse your system’s performance, and be alerted to any risks or faults.

Be Rewarded For Referrals

Be a leader amongst your friends and family. Refer them to us and we’ll send you a $300 Visa Debit Card for each individual who buys a solar solution from us – depending on the size of system they choose. It’s a win-win solution that benefits you and the environment.

Aztech Solar's Specialist Solar Team Offers

Why Aztech Solar?

Residential Solar Power - solar power
A Tailor-Made System Designed Specifically to Suit
The Needs Of Your Business
Residential Solar Power - solar power
A Tailor-Made System Designed Specifically
to Suit The Needs Of Your Business


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