Solar Panels

During the day your panels capture sunlight and convert it into Direct Current (DC), this energy is then fed into the inverter for conversion to AC.



Receives that direct current from the panels and converts it into the electricity you use in your home, Alternate Current (AC). You use this electricity when needed and send any excess back to the grid or to a battery storage system.

Battery Storage

Means any excess energy your system generates can be stored for use later even when the sun is not shining. When the battery is fully charged, you can send the excess energy back to the grid, and can generate credit on your electricity bill.

Digital Meter

Measures your electricity use in 30-minute intervals and can tell you more about your energy usage.

Solar Monitoring

A smart device which measures your solar generation, consumption and export at 15 second increments.

Power Grid

Receives any excess energy you generate, feeding it back into the grid which can give you a credit on your bill. If you aren’t generating enough solar energy to power your home, you can draw power back from the grid to fully cover your energy needs.

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