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Benefits of a Sunny Tripower Inverter

Benefits of a Sunny Tripower Inverter

If you’re looking for solar inverters that are economical, easy to install and quite flexible, choose Sunny Tripower Inverter.

The Sunny Tripower is the latest inverter series from German solar power company SMA Global. The three-phase Sunny inverter offers numerous tried-and-tested features and covers a broad spectrum of applications. Its proven Optiflex technology delivers maximum yields with a top efficiency rating and OptiTrac Global Peak.

Its standard features include integrated grid management functions, asymmetrical multistring, reactive power supply, and 30 mA RCD suitability. In addition, Bluetooth communication comes with a direct Sunny Portal connection via SMA Webconnect.

In a nutshell, the Sunny Tripower inverter is:

  1. Economical
  2. 98% maximum efficiency
  3. OptiTrac Global Peak shade management
  4. OptiCool active temperature management
  5. Flexible
  6. DC input voltage up to 1,000V
  7. Integrated grid management
  8. Reactive power supply
  9. Module-tailored system design
  10. Accessible
  11. SMA Webconnect
  12. Sunny Portal communication
  13. Bluetooth® communication
  14. Simple country configuration
  15. Multifunction relay
  16. Easy to install
  17. Three-phase feed-in
  18. Cable connection without tools
  19. Integrated ESS DC switch-disconnector
  20. Easy wall mounting

Benefits of a Sunny Tripower Inverter

The Sunny Tripower inverter makes solar systems in residential and small commercial applications even more powerful. With integrated services and shade solutions, it offers top inverter performance despite the many challenges that can be found on roofs. You can expect maximum solar yields as well as maxim um ease and comfort at highly reduced electricity costs.

More power

More power

With the addition of the delta-grid compatible 30000TL, the Sunny Tripower line of three-phase string inverters now packs even more punch.

The Sunny Tripower line boasts an impressive 98% efficiency. These inverters also boost your solar system with dual independent maximum power point tracking (MPPT) channels and up to eight strings – four per channel.

The entire Tripower series is designed for 1,000V systems. It starts generating power at a mere 150V while maintaining a wide MPPT range. Unlike low-cost inverters, the Sunny unit keeps working even in the harshest weather conditions – operating at peak capacity from -23° to a blistering 60° Celsius without requiring extra shielding.

Proprietary OptiTrac™ Global Peak functionality in each Sunny Tripower inverter tracks the maximum power point on each MPPT when shade is present to ensure optimal energy production.

While inferior inverters significantly reduce output by relying on the local power point, the Sunny Tripower nearly eliminates energy losses from partial shade.

More flexibility

More flexibility

The Sunny Tripower series has a 30000TL version that works on delta grids and 1,000V systems. Meanwhile, the two other models are compatible with 600V and 1,000V configurations.

With the Sunny Tripower inverter, PV installers and operators are always up to date. If your home consumes more solar power, intelligent energy management and SMA storage solutions are added to your Sunny Tripower system.

And it does not stop there. Each inverter unit comes with an integrated Webconnect card for real-time monitoring. Remote access makes it possible to access diagnostics, review weather data, update firmware, and adjust night settings without sending technicians to costly site visits.

More profit

More profit

Proper maintenance of a PV system can increase yield by up to 30 per cent, so you get your ROI faster.

Downtime means lost money, so careful monitoring of your solar system is essential in generating maximum ROI. Here is where the SMA Solar Monitoring Centre comes in. It utilises advanced, real-time systems to analyse performance, detect issues, and resolve problems in each Sunny Tripower inverter to get your system back to optimal power quickly.

Poor performance can be attributed to module soiling, compromised wiring, and shading caused by tree overgrowth. With SMA Smart Connected, you can benefit from free and automatic inverter monitoring that helps installers provide quick, targeted service.

If ever a Sunny inverter fails, SMA will immediately inform the PV system owner and the installer. If necessary, SMA will send a replacement inverter free of charge. This way, diagnosis is quick, and downtime is minimal.

How Smart Connected works

  • Activate SMA Smart Connected

When your installer registers your system in the Sunny Portal, it automatically activates SMA Smart Connected real-time inverter monitoring by SMA.

  • 24/7 inverter monitoring

SMA checks for anomalies in your inverter around-the-clock during operation.

  • Fast and efficient resolution

After a fault is diagnosed and analysed, SMA informs the installer and operator by email to start the troubleshooting process.

  • Replacement service

Should your system require a replacement inverter, SMA will send a new inverter to your installer within one to three days of the fault diagnosis. We try to ship a replacement as soon as possible to keep downtown to a minimum. In case the replacement inverter is not delivered within three days, SMA will compensate you for your trouble.

When we do ship a replacement, we do not send out the same model. We make sure that your new inverter features the latest technology or we’ll send you an upgrade version if the replacement has been discontinued.

Quick and easy to install

Quick and easy to install

With its reduced size and weight, the three-phase Sunny Tripower inverter is easy to install even in tight spaces. We can quickly activate the Sunny Tripower via smartphone or tablet – thanks to its integrated online interface.

  • It only weighs 20.5 kilograms – easy to install by a single person
  • Its compact design takes up minimum space
  • Mobile activation and monitoring through your phone or tablet

Smart optimisation of energy yield in any situation

SMA ShadeFix is proprietary software designed for Sunny Tripower inverters. This technology allows automatic optimisation of energy yield in any rooftop situation – even in shade.

If your location has a large amount of shade or complex roof structures, we can install TS4-R module optimisers to ensure maximum yields.

As mentioned earlier, SMA Smart Connected provides 24/7 inverter monitoring to detect errors as they happen in real-time and allow us to address them at an early stage. SMA will automatically report these issues so we can fix them right away.

  • Integrated SMA ShadeFix software for yield optimisation
  • Dynamic active power limitation taps into excess energy before it draws from the grid
  • SMA Smart Connected automatic inverter monitoring
  • Sunny Portal and Sunny Places system data visualisation
  • Integrated TS4-R optimiser for maximum yield from heavily shaded PV modules
  • Smart Inverter Screen local visualisation

When it comes to solar inverters designed for the 5 to 12 kW power range, the Sunny Tripower is in a class above the rest. It offers the best combination of power, efficiency, and support for residential homes and small-scale PV farms.

To learn more about Sunny Tripower inverters, contact Aztech Solar today. Our representative will be more than happy to our range of solar products.


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