Benefits of SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels

Benefits of SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels

Solar panels are currently the most effective renewable energy resource in commercial use. The power of the sun is so abundant that if we are able to effectively harness the entire amount of solar radiation hitting Earth for one second, we could power everyone for a year. Though we are not yet capable of harnessing fully the whole amount of sunlight the Earth receives each second, solar panel technology continuously improving. 

SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower is a US-based company that has become one of the leaders in the solar panel industry. Since 1985, SunPower maintained its lead in photovoltaic cells capable of 22% panel efficiency, which is among the highest in the solar panel market. This high solar efficiency is made possible by Maxeon cell technology, which uses a copper foundation, unique to other solar panels currently in the market. The Maxeon design allows solar efficiency of up to 60% thus attracting people to use their products. 

Benefits of SunPower Maxeon Solar panels.

Benefits of SunPower Maxeon Solar panels

To determine what kind of benefits you can get when using SunPower Maxeon solar panels, you need to consider four factors. Performance and quality, efficiency, warranties, and of course, price. Here is a brief rundown on these four factors.

Performance and quality

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels perform less in a sweltering climate. Solar panel manufacturers use the term ‘temperature coefficient’ to measure the performance reduction of each solar cell when exposed to temperatures above 25°C. At this point, every increase of one degree Celsius will mean a decrease in performance. The amount of reduction depends on the model of the solar panels used, but in most cases, 0.3% decrease is experienced with every one-degree increase beyond 25°C. It is best to consult your solar panel provider about the unit’s temperature coefficient, especially if you live in areas with arid to tropical heat levels, especially during summer. 


Aside from performance, a solar panel’s worth is dependent on how efficient it is in converting solar radiation into usable electricity. It is essential to choose units that have high-efficiency ratings for solar to electric conversion. Panels produced by SunPower and Maxeon boast a solar efficiency rating of 16.5% to 22.8% higher than most other solar panels in the market today. High efficiency means more energy produced and more energy saved. If coupled with an ample and adequate battery system, you will be able to store a considerable amount of electricity for later use. If you are living in an area with a predominantly sunny climate, then a combination of quality performance and high-efficiency ratings is a must.


If you want top performance and efficiency, price needs to be carefully considered. Though there cheaper solar panels out there, you’ll be trading a few extra dollars for a less-effective and inefficient product. In the long run, lesser quality panels will wear out quickly compared to those well-built but with a higher price compared to other panels in the market. However, this doesn’t mean that choosing the most expensive solar panels is always the best thing to do. A solar energy system must be finely tuned to your needs and to the space available in your home. 

If you have a small home and can only allow a small space for solar panels, buying high-efficient, premium-priced panels is the way to go. However, if you have less budget and have a bigger space to allot, then you can opt for panels with lesser solar conversion and a much lower price.


Companies that offer products should back their items with a robust and reassuring warranty. It is through this warranty that customers are assured that whatever they bought is of high quality. It is through guarantees that companies show their confidence in their products and their willingness to replace it if there are problems. 

There are two main types of warranties you can check for when choosing a solar panel provider. These are equipment warranty and performance warranty.

An equipment warranty is the promise of a company to replace any or all solar panels that malfunction due to factory design flaw or environmental factors. The company promises that its products are well-tested and well-built. Usually, solar panels have 10 to 15 year warranties, but the best companies offer 25 year warranties on their products, which shows the confidence level of that company. 

A performance warranty is the promise of the company to replace any or all solar panels that degrade sooner than expected. Good companies offer a performance warranty for solar panels deteriorating too quickly in the first 25 years. It is expected for premium-priced solar panels to retain at least 90% performance efficiency after 20 to 25 years of constant use. 

Are SunPower Maxeon solar panels worth it

Are SunPower Maxeon solar panels worth it? 

Currently, SunPower Maxeon solar panels are among the most requested photovoltaic cells on the market, with over one billion cells and 30 million panels produced. Maxeon solar cells are also favoured for their anti-corrosion properties and its resistance to weather. Another benefit to SunPower Maxeon solar panels is their efficiency in transforming sunlight into electricity. 

The company provides a 25-year warranty both on product and panel performance. It means that in 25 years, the solar panels should experience only an 8% drop in performance, ensuring 92% efficiency. This kind of warranty is absent in many solar panel providers. Though the price of SunPower Maxeon solar panels is higher compared to others in the market, performance and efficiency are guaranteed. A premium price solar panel that is worth every cent. 

If you are planning to buy a solar system for your home, keep these tips in mind. Always be open with the solar panel manufacturer on what you want and what you expect. Remember that solar panels are an investment and if done correctly, can save you tons of money on electric bills down the line. So, enjoy now the power of the sun and harness its energy to the fullest through modern solar panels, provided by companies like SunPower Maxeon. 


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