Can Solar Electricity Really Power My Whole House

Can Solar Electricity Really Power My Whole House

Solar is a great choice for renewable energy. It’s cheap, it’s safe, and it’s eco-friendly. Many, however, still doubt the capacity of solar energy to provide enough power for an entire household.

With the ongoing refinement in the industry, once inefficient solar panels are now capable of powering your entire home. The right combination of solar panels, inverters, and battery packs can do it. You can run your entire home with a solar panel system.

You need to know what you’re doing, though. Here’s how you can do it for your entire home.

Preparing for grid independence

If you want to be off-grid, there are a few things you need to remember. For starters, you should shed as much of your power consumption as you can. Why?

You take power for granted, but being independent from the grid needs significant investment in lowering your dependence on it. Many power-hungry devices like heating and air-conditioning will skyrocket the number of solar panels you need.

Electrical heating appliances like dishwashers, boilers, and driers are expensive to power. Anything that involves heat is a costly source of consumption. If you can find alternative sources of heat, that solves one problem for you.

Now, your first move is to calculate your home’s power consumption. To know what you need to put your entire home in solar power, you need to know how much energy you’re using.

The average Australian home uses around 15,000 kW per year. Smaller households can use about 5,000 kW of power for a family of three.

To check your power consumption, you can either have a professional do an estimate or work it out from the bills you get every month.

Can Solar Electricity Really Power My Whole House?

Finding the right solar power system

Once you have an idea of how much energy you need, you need to know what system is right for your home. An average solar power system varies in power production, depending on the solar panel type.

A 1 kW PV system can produce around 3 to 4.5 kWh of electricity a day. This output equates to 1095 – 1640 kWh per year. Increase are linear, 3kW solar system can produce three time that of a 1kW system.

If you want to produce around 5,000 kW of power per year, you need a 4 to 5 kW installation. You should also consider the general climate in your area. If there are days where there is meagre sunlight, you need an extra 20% power as a contingency.

If you plan on installing a solar power system for your home, ask experts. They can give you an expert opinion on the setup that will work for your needs. Local solar providers can find you the right system that fits the local climate and your usage.

Getting a solar battery storage for your home

Once you know the right system for you, the next consideration is to find the proper battery storage. Without battery storage, you can only use your power in the morning, and that’s a problem.

Many families leave the house to go to work or school in the morning, which means there are almost no users. At night when you need it, you won’t have power because there’s no sunlight.

For that, a solar battery is a vital piece to your solar power system. Your solar battery will store the power that your solar panels absorb in the morning. This will allow you to use the stored energy at night when you need it the most.

The power that you produce can be cost-effective because you only pay for what you use. You’re harnessing clean energy for your home, and that’s crucial for your future grid independence.

Can Solar Electricity Really Power My Whole House?

Powering your entire home with solar

If you want to power your home with only solar panels, you need to plan it through. Do a power audit for your home to determine your consumption. Once you have an idea of your usage, find the best solar power system, and invest in a solar battery. Looking for an expert solar installation for your home? Let Aztech Solar do it for you. Aztech Solar’s line of solar products is here to give you the best solar choices for you and your family. Clean, green energy is up to your grasp.


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