Installing Solar is Easier Than You Think When You Hire a Professional

Installing Solar is Easier Than You Think When You Hire a Professional

Why you shouldn’t DIY your solar power system

We know it’s tempting to try and do renovations and upgrades to your property by yourself and DIYing has become very popular over the years, even more so now, thanks also to the recent lockdowns. However, there are some things, like electricity, that should be left to the professionals. While you can install solar panels on your roof yourself, you must be extremely careful and diligent when doing so.

The dangers of DIYing your solar power system

The dangers of DIYing your solar power system

Solar panels are durable and rated to withstand various forms of weather, however they are made of silicon which can shatter like glass. If the proper procedures are not followed, they could easily be damaged in the process of installing them onto your roof.

If you do want to try it yourself, there are DIY instructions for installing out there but remember to NEVER attempt to do the wiring yourself unless you are an experienced, licenced electrician.

Additionally, you might void the manufacturer’s warranty by installing it yourself, any mistakes you make could void it.

The benefits of hiring a professional

The benefits of hiring a professional

Peace of Mind

My favourite part about hiring a professional solar installer to do the job, peace of mind! Professionals solar installers (such as Aztech Solar, if you’re in the Newcastle or Hunter regions) have not only the education and training but decades of experience meaning they know how to do the job right.

While the majority of Australians are not aware of the Australian Solar Standards, licensed and accredited electricians are well versed in the do’s and don’ts. By hiring a professional, you’ll have the peace of mind and safety provided by knowing your solar panel system has been installed correctly. A professional will know how to install safely and follow the installation guidelines with ease, if something does go wrong it is then covered under insurance or warranty depending on the problem.


By Australian law, you’ll need a licensed electrician to inspect your work, test your setup and make the connection to feed excess energy back into the grid. So might as well hire one do it all for you.

The biggest bonus, though, is not getting your hands dirty or risking injury to yourself! It can take hours to install solar systems and the fatigue you would risk doing it yourself could not only put yourself at risk but also your home. While saving money doing it yourself is tempting, it’s not worth the risk to your health or the outcome.

DIY is potentially dangerous

There are a lot of DIY things you can do around your home, but electrical stuff should never be done without experience, training, and licensing. Here is a friendly reminder of just some of the dangers you could expose yourself and your home to if you are still considering installing your new solar panels yourself:

  • Complicated electrical systems are dangerous.
  • Hours of exertion leads to fatigue, which is also dangerous, especially when working at height. Carrying 20kg panels up onto your roof will also exhaust anyone.
  • 200V plus of electricity can cause electrocution.
  • Solar system damage.
  • Risk of electrical fire.

Accreditations and rebates

The Australian Government offers rebates for various things around the home and solar panels are included. While installing it yourself isn’t impossible, it will make it much easier to claim government rebates when your solar system is installed by Aztech Solar and similar companies.

By paying a little extra to have your system professionally installed, you will still be able to claim your rebates, retain your warranty on parts and materials, and not put your insurance at risk.

Additional considerations

Additional considerations

The right tools

Professionals already have their own tools and equipment for installing solar panels.


There are a lot of complexities when installing your solar panels – let someone else worry about them! Professionals will consider the load bearing capacity of your roof and understand where not to install it and where reinforcement might be needed.


Tradies go through a lot of training and have special equipment which makes it easier to work at height. Safety measures like harnesses and roof anchors reduce the risk of falling and being injured or killed.

Safe electrical work

Electricians and builders take part in lengthy apprenticeships making sure they understand how to safely work with electricity, tools, and materials. A professional will have the required electrical/construction training to conform with local council regulatory requirements.

Roof or water damage

Solar panel installers will know how to properly seal and waterproof any roof penetrations created during the installation to keep the weather out of your house. If the holes aren’t properly sealed, you’ll expose your home to leaks and other potential damage.

A huge part of the preparation part of installing solar panels includes taking into consideration the roof materials. Tiles or slate roofing can be challenging as you don’t want to damage them during installation, while metal roofs can be a risk of rusting or degradation because of swarf.

Put those tools away and contact Aztech Solar

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