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Aztech Solar - Cameron Park

Servicing Sydney, Hunter Area, Newcastle, Central Coast and North Coast, We are locally Owned and Operated Solar and Battery Storage Installers.

Aztech Solar offers the best solar installation service in Cameron Park –  superior product, price, workmanship, and customer service. Our solar installation professionals are dedicated to planning and implementing the most effective and efficient solar energy system to meet the individual needs and clean energy goals of every residential, commercial and industrial customer, and helping them to make significant savings on energy costs in the process.

We use the highest-quality solar energy products and components available, sourcing the latest technology from market-leading brands, to provide Cameron Park customers with the most practical and accessible renewable energy systems, the best value for money and the greatest return on investment.

Whether you live in one of Cameron Park’s tranquil residential areas, such as Cameron Grove Estate, or you own a commercial property in Cameron Park industrial estate, Aztech Solar can help you find the perfect solar power system for your needs.

What makes Aztech Solar the best choice for solar system installations in Cameron Park?

We design and deliver high-quality, customised solar energy solutions to meet your unique needs

Our aim is to make solar energy a practical and affordable solution for everyone, and to empower Cameron Park homeowners and business owners to make the switch to solar.

Our Clean Energy Council-accredited in-house team consists of electrical engineers, accredited installers and Level 2 electricians who specialise in solar system design and installation, working alongside industry-leading manufacturers to make solar installations simpler and more affordable.

We collaborate with each customer to establish their objectives and priorities for their solar system, and we design a solar solution to match their individual needs and budget.

We carefully plan each design to ensure we deliver a solar panel system that takes full advantage of its unique location, so it operates at maximum efficiency, while being visually appealing and having minimal impact on the environment and its surroundings.

Frequently asked questions

How much sun does my roof need to effectively power my home or business with solar?

The more sunlight your rooftop panels receive during the daytime, the more electricity your solar energy system will produce – that’s why Aztech Solar’s expert design and installation team carefully plan your solar power system to work out the optimal roof location for your solar panels and the best installation angle.

You can boost the amount of solar power available to you by installing a battery system that will store excess power (that is, power generated but not consumed) during the daylight hours. This enables you to reduce your reliance on drawing power from the grid once your solar panels no longer have sufficient access to sunlight to produce power.

What is the best rooftop location for installing solar panels?

When deciding on the best location for your solar panels, we look for the roof plane that has the best access to the sun during peak daylight hours. The prime location is a north-facing roof plane, free from any obstructions that may shade the panels from the sun.

However, if there is minimal shading, even properties that face east or west, or have inadequate north-facing rooftop space that necessitates installation of the panels on an east- or west-facing roof plane, can benefit from making the switch to solar.

Your panels also need to be installed where there is easy access, plenty of free space and the plane of the roof is not too steep.

Will Solar Work for Me?

Solar is an incredibly versatile method of energy production. There is a wide variety of high-quality solar systems and components on the market, meaning there are panels and inverters to suit every location and budget.

The scalability provided by many systems means they are equally suitable for small or largescale applications, and some systems may even be added to in future as your budget and building size allows.

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Regardless of whether you require a solar power energy system for residential, commercial or industrial premises, Aztech Solar Cameron Park has an affordable solar power energy solution to meet your unique needs.

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