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Solar Power Kurri Kurri

Servicing Sydney, Hunter Area, Newcastle, Central Coast and North Coast, We are locally Owned and Operated Solar and Battery Storage Installers.

Solar Power Kurri Kurri

Looking for a solar panel installer in Kurri Kurri? Aztech Solar are specialists in solar and battery storage and are one of the top companies in New South Wales.

We know it can be difficult finding a reputable company in the area who helps you switch to solar – much less at an affordable price.
Aztech Solar’s team of Kurri Kurri based electrical engineers, accredited installers and Level 2 electricians offer unparalleled experience, as well as a solid professional reputation.

We pride ourselves in sustaining the greatest level of trust with our customers, from the very start. Our communication with you not only creates transparency but ensures your understanding of the entire solar installation process.

Why are Solar Installations in Kurri Kurri Growing in Popularity?

Solar Energy Offers Clean, Renewable Energy

Solar power is a completely renewable, clean energy source. It reduces our reliance on fossil fuels for electricity production. These fossil fuels produce harmful emissions that cause pollution of the air, water and land, and are a leading contributor to global warming.

Solar energy produces no pollution. The sun’s power offers an indefinite source of energy that does not contribute to greenhouse gasses or harm the environment. Residential solar energy systems represent an investment in the future of the planet, helping to conserve non-renewable energy sources and protect the environment.

Going Solar Saves On Your Energy Bill

Your solar installation is guaranteed to save you money by reducing your need for grid electricity. The amount you save on your utility bill dependent on the size of the solar installation system and the amount of electricity you use.

Residential solar systems are powered by rooftop solar panels during the day and by energy stored in a battery at night.

A battery storage unit can store enough electricity to power your home through peak usage hours, giving homeowners the freedom to control their electricity.

Fixed Energy Price

Electricity prices from utility providers are rising constantly and without another alternative, consumers have little choice but to pay whatever the current price is.

The cost of energy from a solar system, in contrast, remains free. If you purchase your panels in full, from then on your energy cost amounts to zero.

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Are Solar Installations in Kurri Kurri Expensive?

Due to their rise in popularity, the cost of solar has dropped significantly in recent years.

After the initial cost of your solar energy system, you can expect to spend very little on maintenance and repair work.

Since there are no moving parts that can be damaged most solar panels can last up to 25 years with little to no wear and tear or reduction in efficiency.

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