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Solar Power Lake Macquarie

Servicing Sydney, Hunter Area, Newcastle, Central Coast and North Coast, We are locally Owned and Operated Solar and Battery Storage Installers.

Solar Power Lake Macquarie

Aztech Solar is committed to helping homeowners and businesses in the Lake Macquarie area to reduce their energy consumption.

Our team of in-house electrical engineers, accredited installers, and Level 2 electricians work alongside industrial manufactures to make solar installations more simple and technologies more affordable.

We know that using less off the grid energy can have many benefits; a cleaner environment, protection against future energy increases and financial savings.

Our Values

Every individual deserves to have peace of mind about their energy usage and we believe everyone should have the power to create their own eco-friendly energy.

We are committed to delivering the very best to our customers. We are a dedicated team in everything from customer support to product design and system performance and development.

Aztech Solar is proud to empower homeowners and business owners in Lake Macquarie to make the change to solar power. We believe everyone deserves a better future, and we’re excited to help you make that change.

Why We’re The Best Company for Solar Energy Installations in Lake Macquarie

How Much Sun Do I need to Power My Home with A Solar Power System?

The more sun your rooftop receives during the daytime means more electricity production from your solar energy system.

Solar panels need to be installed in an area where there is:


What Is The Lifespan of A Solar Power System?

Most residential solar power systems have a lifespan of between 25 and 30 years. Research shows that after 25 years, solar panels systems will continue to generate about 80% of the electricity they generated after system launch.

Aztech Solar offers a 25 year performance guarantee to give you peace of mind.

What Size of Solar System Do I Need?

To determine which solar energy system size you need, our installers will take into consideration how much electricity you are likely to use daily. Your solar energy system size could also be restricted by the space available on your rooftop area and how much you are willing to spend.

Is Solar Energy Better for the Environment?

Solar power has many benefits for the environment. Going solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which are the leading contributor to climate change. Solar energy also results in fewer air pollutants than traditional energy sources like coal, gas and oil.

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