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Solar Power Raymond Terrace

Servicing Sydney, Hunter Area, Newcastle, Central Coast and North Coast, We are locally Owned and Operated Solar and Battery Storage Installers.

Solar Power Raymond Terrace

Residential and commercial solar installations are growing fast in the Raymond Terrace area.

Aztech Solar is one of the most trusted solar installation companies in New South Wales. From smaller residential systems to large scale commercial projects, we focus on providing our customers with affordable and sustainable solar energy solutions.

We are driven by one basic goal. We want to help homeowners and businesses find new ways to save money on their electricity bills with renewable energy solutions.

Our expert in-house team of solar and battery storage specialists are committed to providing the highest level of service, reliability and support to our entire base of happy customers throughout Raymond Terrace.

We offer a wide variety of residential to commercial solar services, each job is unique and we offer diverse solutions to best meet your needs.

Why Are Solar Installations in Raymond Terrace Growing in Popularity?

Going Solar Saves Money

Installing a solar energy system for your home means you will save money on your electricity bills and protect yourself against ever-increasing electricity prices. How much you can save depends on the utility rates and your solar energy usage.

Solar Energy is Better for the Environment

Solar power has many environmental benefits. Going solar reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate warming and also results in fewer air pollutants than traditional energy sources like coal, gas and oil.

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Solar Energy is Reliable and Efficient

Solar panels absorb energy from the sun throughout the day and convert it into direct current electricity. Most homes and businesses run on alternating current electricity, so the direct current electricity is then converted to usable alternating current. You then either use the electricity in your home or send it back to the electricity grid.

Solar Panels Don’t Need A Lot of Maintenance

Solar panel systems are made of durable materials and require little to no maintenance for the 25 plus years that they will generate power. Depending on environmental factors, you may not even need to clean your solar panels regularly. In the unlikely event that something does happen, Aztech Solar offers a 12 year workmanship guarantee and a 25 year performance warranty.

Solar Installations in Raymond Terrace are Increasing Property Value

Everyone loves saving money. Research has shown that properties with solar energy systems sell for more than homes without them. Going solar will actually increase your property value with some estimates putting the increased value from a 5kw installation at around $29,000.

Almost All Homes are Suitable for Solar Installations

A north-facing position is the optimal location for a solar installation with minimal obstructions from buildings or tall trees blocking the sun’s rays.

East and west facing properties with minimal shading can also benefits of switching to solar.

Aztech Solar’s trained solar panel installers will be able to evaluate your property to know for sure.

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