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The Benefits of Solar Panels

At Aztech Solar, we believe in building a sustainable future. That’s why we don’t just push sales – we educate you on how solar systems work. We want to provide you with a solar energy system that will save you money and have a lasting positive impact on the environment.

How Solar Power Works

Solar is a cheap and clean method of producing energy. Solar panels on the roof collect the sunshine and an inverter converts it to energy that can then power your house, or be stored in a battery.

We only work with good quality products from brands we trust. Our in-house electricians and solar installers are highly experienced and accredited, so you know your solar panel installation is in safe hands.

Make Huge Savings

Our solar energy solutions start from just $20 a week. There are no deposits and no interest charges – you can start saving money from the day we install! There are still some government rebates available to save you even more money. 

Solar Panel Efficiency

We provide digital meters and solar monitoring so you can track the power you are generating and optimise your power usage. With solar, the average Australian household could save up to 80% on their energy bills. 

Benefits of Solar Storage

For further savings, we can install one of the safest and most affordable battery storage solutions in Australia so you can save your solar energy for a rainy day, or even sell it back to the power grid and receive a credit on your bill. All of the products we install, and our workmanship, comes with industry-leading warranties.

Rutherford 8.64kW System

Solar power installation for a home in Rutherford, NSW Australia.

System Size = 6.6 kWp

Panels Used = 22 x JA Solar 300w Mono Perc Panels

Inverter Used = 1 x Fronius Primo 6.0

Monitoring = Fronius Wi-Fi

Estimated Annual Output = 11,300 kWhs

Yearly CO2 emissions saved = 10.8 tonnes

Solar power systems have several advantages. The biggest one being that solar panels produce zero carbon emissions once they’ve been manufactured. Another great advantage of solar panels is that they have the potential to lower your power bills. On top of this, they can reduce the power grid’s reliance on fossil fuels, and provide remote homes and communities with a degree of energy-independence.


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