Installing Solar for Your Commercial Business

Installing Solar for Your Commercial Business

Why it’s time for your business to go solar

Installing solar panels on the rooftop of office buildings, warehouses, or other commercial structures may seem complex and risky, but it’s really not. If you are wondering whether solar power is feasible for your business, allow us here at Aztech Solar to introduce the world of commercial solar.

Commercial solar systems can fit any business from start-up enterprises to Fortune 500 tech companies. In fact, many businesses in Australia are already taking advantage of the financial benefits of running solar power.

Is commercial solar right for your business?

Is commercial solar right for your business?

Any business that consumes electricity can benefit from solar power, from lighting to cooling and heating, from computing to production processes, your company can benefit from solar power. While solar power is a good fit for everyone, the following businesses can benefit the most from a solar array installation.

  • Businesses operating in states with high electricity rates such as South Australia.
  • Businesses requiring a large energy load.
  • Businesses with enormous power bills who may want to save money to focus on other expenditures such as operations, personnel or marketing.
  • Businesses with physical locations that have large enough rooftops.
The benefits of a commercial solar system

The benefits of a commercial solar system

Regardless of your company size, your business can enjoy the following benefits by going solar:

  • Large energy savings
  • Financial solar incentives
  • ROI in less than three years
  • Green credentials
  • Added property value.

Large energy savings

Australian businesses consume a considerable amount of power during daylight hours – almost 155,000 gigawatt-hours every year, which can cost up to $20.2 billion and solar power can cover 60% or more of this energy consumption.

As soon as your power bill arrives, you will notice a dramatic reduction in total cost, leading to significant savings over time. In areas where net metering is allowed, you can even earn extra revenue by selling excess power that your solar panels have produced.

Of course, cost reduction will depend on many factors such as the size of your building, amount of roof space, amount of sunlight, operating hours, and industry.

Financial solar incentives

In addition to energy savings, businesses could also take advantage of rebates and incentives from the government.

Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) have a dollar value which you can redeem as a point-of-sale discount off the original cost of solar components and their installation. Note that the STC scheme will only be available until 2030, so you should consider getting solar installed by a reputable company such as Aztech Solar, now!

Another common incentive for solar-powered business are feed-in tariffs (FiT). If your solar panels are generating excess power, you can sell this back to your retailer at the rate set by your state.

ROI in less than three years

The real benefit of solar power comes when your company finally gets to enjoy free electricity. You can already recoup your solar investment in less than three years if you rely on solar power 50% of the time. You do not need to pay much for maintenance either. Plus, your solar arrays are backed by a 25-year performance warranty, so you have a free supply of electricity for decades.

Green credentials

Going solar boosts your company’s image as a responsible corporate entity. As consumers become more and more environment-conscious, they tend to look for a brand that reflects their own values.

Added property value

Installing solar panels on the roof of your buildings can add value to your property. For instance, tenants are more likely to choose a solar-powered store than one that runs on traditional electricity, and, if you sell your facility in the future, solar power can enhance the desirability of your business premises.

Things to consider when installing commercial solar systems  

Things to consider when installing commercial solar systems  

Property ownership

There should be no problem installing a solar array on the roof if you own the building. However, if you are renting a facility, you will require permission from the landlord before switching to solar power.

Power consumption

How much electricity does your building consume every month, quarter, or year? Does your company operate eight-to-five or mostly at night? Evaluate your consumption patterns to determine the right size of solar system for your business.

Roof space

The size and number of panels you can install ultimately depends on the amount of available roof space and the directions it faces.

Company size

If your firm employs fewer than 20 employees, you might not need a large system. However, a solar system with 5 to 20kW capacity should suffice for small businesses.

Available investment

How much are you willing to pay for a solar system? Solar power installation comes with an expensive upfront cost, so you should consider your budget. As a business owner, you already have plenty of expenditures and going solar can be a significant addition. Plan your finances accordingly.

Solar prices

The prices of solar equipment may vary according to the product, the installer, and the state where your business is located. On average, you need to prepare around $13,000 for a 10kW capacity system. For a 30kW package, expect to spend upwards of $33,000.

If you are operating a factory that would require a 100kW system, the cost could go up to a whopping $107,000. If you do not have a cash surplus at the moment, you could explore other options such as loans, operating leases, or power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Ready to go solar for your business? Choose Aztech Solar

The Australian solar market continues to grow at an exponential rate, and today you’ll find all sorts of panels, inverters, and batteries designed for commercial businesses. The key to a successful solar investment is working with a reliable installer who delivers Tier One panels.

Here at Aztech Solar, we only install panels that are Tier 1 ranked, such as Jinko, LG, Q-Cells, and Risen Energy brands. We also offer industry-leading warranties to guarantee that your solar array will keep working for your business for years.

Solar panels are a proof of your commitment to the environment, and a way to show your clients that your company is dedicated to sustainability. Contact Aztech Solar today on 02 4067 2634 for reliable and affordable commercial solar systems installation and repair. Alternatively, send us an email at or you can click here for a free onsite quote.


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