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Top 12 Ways to Conserve Energy During Summer

Top 12 Ways to Conserve Energy During Summer

Small Steps Toward Energy Conservation

Our daily energy use rises along with the temperature. Both the heat and the humidity are to blame. To stay cool, you probably turn on your air conditioner at full blast during the warmest part of the day, which also happens to be when energy prices are highest. It’s not necessary for poor energy decisions to result from the desire to feel comfortable at home.

Small Steps Toward Energy Conservation

As you can see, energy conservation doesn’t need to be difficult. The tiniest adjustments, like choosing to barbecue today, can have a big impact. To start saving money and contributing to environmental protection, use the list below to find lifestyle adjustments that work for you.

1. Consider Using Solar Power

This should come as no surprise that summer is the best season for a solar system to shine, as solar power is produced by the sun. A house that generates its own energy can keep cool all year round without experiencing increased electricity bills. It’s a great time now to start the solar energy conversion procedure if you want to save even more money. Aztech Solar arrays use less area and produce more energy than conventional solar panels, giving homeowners a modern and stylish roof installation.

2. Fans can be your ally

You can feel cooler than you are by using tower fan, ceiling fans, and tower fans. To stay cool, the fan blows air across your skin, reducing the need for constant heating, ventilation, and air conditioning operation. This will also enable you to gradually increase the temperature settings above summer without feeling uncomfortable.

3. Not using it? Switch it off

When not in use, turn off all lights, appliances, and other equipment. Even just doing this one little thing, which we typically overlook, can help reduce yearly energy expenses.

4. Air dry your clothes

While we like dryers and they have evolved to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient over time, there are times when nothing compares to the traditional method of air drying your laundry. You can get freshly air-dried garments with a sunny smell from the wind and sun, which together make the best all-natural drier for just washed laundry.

5. Outdoor Cooking

Backyard cooking and Australia summers go hand in hand. Food cooked on a grill taste fantastic, and summertime outdoor cooking keeps the heat outside rather than in your kitchen. It’s ideal energy- saving cooking technique because you aren’t heating your home and you aren’t using any energy.

Please be aware that both propane and charcoal produce carbon emissions. Therefore, bear that in mind as you calculate your carbon footprint.

6. Eat meals that don’t require cooking

On sweltering summer days, cool, nourishing foods are delectable and refreshing. Salads, wraps, and other types of sandwiches are among the simple no-cook meals. As a side dish, put chips, yogurt, nuts, or any other fresh or canned fruits and vegetables. No-cook cereals and grains are acceptable breakfast options.

7. Strategic Planting

A home can benefit from the shade and reduced light penetration provided by shrubs and trees. It lessens your carbon footprint and is a green method to beat the summer heat. The placement of native plants near the parts of the house that are most exposed to the sun can offer protection for many years. However, homeowners who already have solar system or are thinking about getting one should not plant trees too close to the roofline or in places where they might prevent solar panels from receiving enough sunlight.

8. Replace the weather stripping and keep an eye out for air leaks

A professional inspection is an option, but it will cost more. Instead, do it yourself to save money; it’s not difficult. Wave your wet palm slowly in front of typical leak areas. Such as cable holes, doors, windows, vents, and hidden lighting.

You have discovered a leak if your hand feels cool, indicating that water is evaporating in the ai. It’s likely that your weatherstripping is the source of this. Luckily, replacing an installing it yourself is rather affordable. You can probably find whatever kind of weatherstripping you require at your neighborhood hardware store. You might save up to 30% on space conditioning expenditures with this simple fix.

9. Wear Breathable and Lightweight Fabrics

Summertime is the ideal time to wear lightweight textiles since they enable you to swiftly cool yourself when the temperature rise. Such textiles are not heavy, and do not press down on your body. They are delicate and feel good against your skin. Keeping you feeling light and cool. Also, fabrics that are breathable are those that are woven just loosely enough to let air circulate through them, allowing sweat to dissipate rapidly without making you uncomfortable or making your clothes damp. Your body heat is removed by evaporation, which leaves you feeling chilly and dry.

10. Avoid using your energy during peak hours

Stop using appliances after 4 pm till 6 pm during peak hours to reduce energy costs and avoid power disruptions or until a proclaimed electricity emergency occurs.

11. Use Chimney Balloons to seal your fireplace

One of the few things you can’t really weatherproof in your house is the fireplace. Use a chimney balloon as a substitute. When the chimney isn’t being used, this heat reactive plastic balloon inflates to close the opening of your fireplace. Just remember to take it off in Winter before you light a fire!

12. Increase the temperature on your thermostat

Although turning up your air conditioning in the summer may feel pleasant, reducing the temperature inside results in very high electricity cost. Consider raising the temperature indoors to at least 23 degrees. Your cooling costs will be reduced the more similar the inside and exterior temperatures are. Save the thermostat further higher (ideally to 25ºC) or turn off the air conditioner entirely, before you leave the house.

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Choose the experts in Solar Power at Aztech Solar.

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