Why You Should Install Solar in Your Home

Why You Should Install Solar in Your Home

6 major reasons that you can’t ignore

Solar energy has many benefits, which is why more and more Australian homes are putting up solar panels. The advantages are just too many to put aside. The team here at Aztech Solar have put together this article will discuss the many benefits of home solar installation, so you can decide on having them on your residential property.

Here's why you should install solar in your home

Here’s why you should install solar in your home

Here are the most significant advantages of utilising solar energy at home:

1. Increased home value

Many people put a premium on homes with solar panels installed because of the many benefits attached to solar. Those thinking of property values, in the long run, will find solar a smart investment. Merely installing solar can already increase the property value of a home.

Aside from increasing property values, solar installation also has another important on real estate. It keeps home features competitive. Think of it this way – by the end of 2020, there were already 2.6 million homes with solar installed in Australia. Panels are now much more common, which means they can become a point of comparison for home buyers. Homes without solar panels may get left behind in terms of market competition.

2. Reduced electrical expenses

This is the most practical advantage of solar installation, which is the reduction of electricity bills. This is the most common reason why people choose to have solar installed.

Just how much is saved? Estimates show that homeowners with solar save as much as 20% more compared to those who don’t. While the initial installation of panels is quite costly at times, the savings that they can net in the long run is worth it. Do take note, however, that savings can vary between solar users. There are some factors to consider, like:

  • Solar feed-in tariffs: Feed-in tariffs vary from one electricity provider to another. Some companies have specific electricity plans that cater more toward homes that have solar. Be sure to take these into account.
  • Solar specs: Generally, solar panels with higher cell counts or efficiency ratings produce more energy. Expect bigger savings with higher energy production.
  • Weather conditions: Solar energy production may fluctuate from time to time, especially depending on weather and climate. Consecutive days of bad weather can take a toll on solar.

With these in mind, don’t be too surprised if one home’s production is different to another. For those who want the most out of solar energy, make sure to consult with a professional installation team, such as Aztech Solar, beforehand.

3. Electricity storage

Most homes with solar panels in the country send solar energy back to the grid. Some homes, however, have electrochemical batteries for storing energy for later use. Homes with these batteries can choose to use the stored energy whenever they so choose. This works great in a pinch, especially in the case of a power supply interruption.

4. Easy maintenance

It’s a common misconception that solar panels need constant attention for them to work properly. In fact, panel maintenance is extremely simple. All it takes is the following, every 6 months or so:

  • Keep the panels clean.
  • Clear out dirt and debris.
  • Check for damage or corrosion.
  • Check all switches and wires for any malfunctions.

Regular checks will make sure that the panels remain in good working condition. If in doubt, ask the professionals at Aztech Solar to look at the panels from time to time, to ensure functionality.

5. Reduced carbon emissions

The traditional way of generating electricity involves burning fossil fuels. While this is effective, fossil fuels release a lot of carbon into the atmosphere. The increased carbon load is extremely harmful and the top reason for climate change.

Solar energy is a much more friendly option in terms of carbon emissions. While it’s not completely emission-free, the amount of carbon it releases is significantly lower than burning fossil fuels.

6. Solar saves water

Generating electricity using solar power also uses less water. This is important as many countries worldwide are facing a shortage of clean water. The use of solar panels to generate energy directly addresses this problem.

  • It’s sustainable, renewable, and accessible: Fossil fuels are an expensive and precious resource that will inevitably run out in the future. Sunlight, on the other hand, is unlimited, free, and easily accessible. This makes solar the better choice in most aspects.
  • It’s the healthier option: Due to the environmental friendliness of solar energy, it’s the healthier option compared to the alternatives. Several areas in Australia are heavily polluted, especially with air particulate matter. This leads to a wide variety of diseases if people get exposed for too long. Reducing this pollution via solar energy can help, benefitting everyone’s health in the long run.
Are there any drawbacks to solar installation

Are there any drawbacks to solar installation?

Solar isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, there are some drawbacks, too. As such, it’s important to note what these disadvantages are (Fortunately, these drawbacks are relatively minor compared to the benefits that solar energy gives. Weighing the pros and cons, the advantages are just too many to ignore):

  • Weather: Solar output isn’t as high in bad weather.
  • Space limitations: Solar panels are commonly installed on the roof; however, not all homes have roofs that can accommodate these panels.
  • Cost: Initial cost is sometimes high. Do take note that it pays itself off over time.
Get solar installed in your home today by Aztech Solar

Get solar installed in your home today by Aztech Solar

Do you want all the benefits of solar that we’ve mentioned above? If so, then get solar installed today. Of course, you should only trust a professional with solar installation in your home. Aztech Solar has years of experience in the solar industry, and we will be more than happy to help you design a more sustainable home in New South Wales. Learn more about us by clicking here today or call us at 02 4067 2634 for a free quote.


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