5 Solar Power Myths, Debunked

5 Solar Power Myths, Debunked

Solar power remains the most preferred energy source for Australia. Almost 3 out of 4 Aussies list solar power in the top 3 energy choices they want. Even then, the myths don’t stop.

There are many myths and tall tales about solar – both positive and negative. Today, we’ll look for a way to bust them wide open. Here are five myths about solar power and some savvy tips for you.

5 Solar Power Myths, Debunked - Solar Power

Myth 1: “More solar panels mean lower bills.”

One of the primary myths that surround solar panels is the impact they’ll have on your energy bills. It is commonly thought that the more power you generate from solar, the lower your bills can go. This can be an absolute myth.

When asking for a solar quote, you want it tailored to your consumption. There’s no point in getting a higher solar output if you’re not using it. Don’t pay for a $150 plan if you’re only using $50.

You don’t have to fill your rooftop with solar panels. You want to save money, so you only get enough for what you need.

Pro-tip: ask for a solar quote from your local provider to understand how much solar energy you need.

5 Solar Power Myths, Debunked - Solar Power

Myth 2: “Solar power can support my home’s total energy consumption.”

Solar power works if you have enough sun every time. It varies depending on the location due to local weather patterns and climate. Once night comes, your source of power goes away.

The myth that you can support your home with only solar is true, but with caveats. Many of the current solar batteries can now handle long-term use through day and night. It’s best, however, to cut back on the appliances that eat too much power.

Reducing your consumption will help you get enough power. Lean periods like winter days with minimal sun and longer nights can be a problem. Finding a good alternative on some heating and cooling can help you save up on energy.

Myth 3: “Solar panels make electricity cheaper.”

You will indeed see significant savings when you have solar panels at home. They cut down on the energy you take from the grid. How you save money, however, depends on how much you consume.

If you have a solar battery, you can expect energy savings even when you use energy at night. Without a solar cell, you can only save in the morning.

Look at the appliances that you have and see if your power usage is lower now. Check your bills on your previous consumption and look at your current utility bill. If your invoice is still the same, your usage likely went up.

5 Solar Power Myths, Debunked - Solar Power

Try to see if you can change your usage habits to get more power savings.

Myth 4: “Solar energy will make me money.”

Solar energy can go back into the grid and you can make some money from it. The problem is you only send back power to the grid if you have excess that you don’t use.

Once the systems converts solar energy to power for your home, it will start powering your appliances. The refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner will be your biggest power-hungry devices. If you have a net excess after filling up your solar battery, only that goes back to the grid.

If you plan on installing a solar energy system, make sure it is sufficient to handle your needs.

Myth 5: “Unused solar energy goes to waste.”

If you’re not using power during the day, don’t worry. You can have your solar panels power up your solar battery. If you have excess, your local grid can give you feed-in tariffs.

Feed-in tariffs or FITS are credits payable for homes that generate solar power. That is the value that your local energy provider pays back for your excess electricity.

If you have excess in the morning, that’s ok. Your feed-in tariffs will make sure your extra energy doesn’t go to waste.

Do your research and don’t let solar power myths confuse you.

Solar power is one of Australia’s best choices for power source. If you plan on getting a solar power system for your home, it’s good to have the right knowledge.

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