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Why Install Solar Power in Your Home

Why Install Solar Power in Your Home?

With an energy crisis looming due to the predicted depletion of fossil fuels, alternative sources of energy are crucial and in hot countries like Australia,

Is Solar Power Worth It

Is Solar Power Worth It?

Going solar is a decision you should make soon. With the cost of energy rising and the continued increasing dependence of people on electricity, a

Top 15 FAQs About Solar Energy Answered

Solar energy is fast gaining mainstream acceptance as a viable source for generating power, despite the higher initial costs. In Australia, since 2018, solar installations

advantages of solar energy

Advantages of Solar Energy

Have you been thinking about solar energy lately, and wondering if it would be a smart move to get solar panels fixed on your house?

5 Solar Power Myths, Debunked

5 Solar Power Myths, Debunked

Solar power remains the most preferred energy source for Australia. Almost 3 out of 4 Aussies list solar power in the top 3 energy choices


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