SolarEdge Systems

SolarEdge Systems

What makes SolarEdge systems stand out

Most Australian solar installers prefer SolarEdge systems precisely because SolarEdge delivers more than power. The SolarEdge power optimiser transforms each solar panel into a smart module – generating the maximum amount of energy possible to provide homes with more electricity over their lifetime.

Smart Homes deserve smart energy

SolarEdge systems create more opportunities to control and manage the energy requirements of each room. In addition, SolarEdge is future-ready with backup batteries, water heating, and even electric vehicle (EV) charging – all running on sunshine to reduce dependency on the grid.

SolarEdge also makes it easy to track energy production and consumption through the mySolarEdge app, which is free for 25 years. This intuitive application has a real-time mobile dashboard connected to the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform of your installer for remote monitoring and maintenance down to module level. All in all, SolarEdge systems have many benefits – all you need to do is to contact a local, reputable solar installer in Newcastle and the Hunter region.

Introducing the SolarEdge System

Introducing the SolarEdge System

Reliable battery

Adding a backup battery to a PV system helps take the load off. If you already have a battery ready SolarEdge inverter, now is a great time to consider upgrading to an advanced home backup solution.

Solar batteries store excess solar energy in order to provide additional power when the sun is not available, when the grid goes down, or when utility rates are high. Contacting a solar installation company in Newcastle such as Aztech Solar to install a solar battery also increases your power savings, as excess electricity can be sold back to the grid.

Power optimiser

Attached to each solar module is the SolarEdge power optimiser, which is designed to maximise energy output and monitor its performance.

MySolarEdge app

Keeping track of solar energy production and consumption is easy with the mySolarEdge mobile app. This free, easy-to-use app has a real-time dashboard that shows power performance and the amount of carbon footprint saved. In addition, you can access the smart schedule for energy usage to avoid high utility rates and keep power bills low.

EV charging

SolarEdge is future ready. So, whether you already have an electric vehicle or are planning to get one, charging your EV through solar power ensures sustainable and cost-efficient driving. Moreover, the award-winning SolarEdge EV charger lets you:

  • Track energy consumption and charging status through a mobile app
  • Activate charging from anywhere
  • Schedule charging when electricity rates are low
  • View charging history and manage energy savings.
Top 5 Benefits of a SolarEdge System

Top 5 benefits of a SolarEdge System

1. Generate more power from each smart module

SolarEdge maximises energy generation from each solar module by reducing or eliminating power loss resulting from shading, soiling, uneven module aging and mismatched modules. The SolarEdge system protects PV modules against potential risks that could cause decrease energy production over their lifetime and can be installed by your local Newcastle Solar installers, Aztech Solar.

2. Flexible design allows for additional roof modules

SolarEdge maximises all available roof space through design flexibility, including:

  • Parallel strings of uneven lengths
  • Multiple module orientations to match different roof facets in a single string
  • Smart modules in shaded areas
  • Modules of various capacities in a single string for easy upgrade or replacement.

3. Mobile solar power system monitoring

The SolarEdge monitoring app displays the module-level performance of the entire PV system, ensuring that each module is performing at peak capacity at all times.

mySolarEdge app allows you to:

  • Monitor your solar home or electric vehicle from any computer or mobile device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Monitor module, string, and system-level performance.
  • View your energy production and consumption in real time.
  • Troubleshoot remotely with pinpointed system alerts.
  • Connect to the server via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, ZigBee®, or cellular connectivity.
  • Analyse and compare household consumption behaviour with easy-to-follow charts.
  • Shift household consumption to match peak solar production hours.
  • Identify unusual consumption patterns that may be limiting your power savings.
  • Control utility and appliance usage to avoid any bill shocks.
  • Learn when to expand the number of batteries for added savings.
  • Remotely monitor and control your battery storage, EV, or any home appliances connected to the solar system.

4. PV installer and homeowner safety

In traditional systems, PV wires with high DC voltages can pose a danger to people and property. On the contrary, SolarEdge systems are much safer, because they are:

  • Built with a SafeDC™ feature designed to bring down high system voltage to a safe level during AC shutdown.
  • Compliant with Australian safety standards.
  • Compliant with UL1699B standard on arcing faults that may pose a fire risk.

5. Long warranties

SolarEdge devices are built for long-term performance, and this has been proven in the field. This allows installers to offer:

  • 25-year power optimiser warranty
  • Free monitoring for 25 years.
SolarEdge Ensures a Smarter Future Beyond PV

SolarEdge ensures a smarter future beyond PV

SolarEdge offers a complete residential solution that is future-ready for seamless upgrades and integration with new technology that goes beyond simply powering your home appliances.

As an Australian household’s energy demands and consumption patterns continue to evolve, SolarEdge ensures that you are equipped with smart energy systems that do much more than just manage solar power generation.

If you install a SolarEdge system today, your home will be ready for battery storage, EV charging, and other upcoming smart energy technologies – saving additional installation time and labour costs in the future, and, by owning a SolarEdge system, you’ll also benefit from more solar power, lower grid dependency, and reduced electricity bills.

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